Home Decor

You are unique and we believe the spaces in your home should reflect your personality. We have a generous selection of area rugs and carpets in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and styles. 

Spruce up your kitchen, living room, or bedroom with modern shelving units ideal for storage and organization. 

For those finishing touches in your home, we offer a wide selection of premium candles and artistic decor accessories. Home decor is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are both functional and decorative and come in endless different colors, textures, and styles.

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Keeping your space organized helps to create a sense of peace and calm.

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Imagine entering your home and the first thing you notice is a relaxing atmosphere and a warm glow emanating from your living room.

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Wall Decor

Elevate any space with our selection of unique wall decals from Urbanwalls and find the perfect look to fit your style and personalize your space.

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Finishing Touches

Come visit us at L.A.Carpet & Tile to find something that will finish off that interior design project you have been working on.

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